20 Best selling drugs in 2017..

  • 17 Apr 18

In 2017, the global prescription drug market is estimated to be grown by 0.8% to reach USD 810 Billion and is further expected to grow at CAGR of 6% from 2018 to 2022 to reach approximately USD 1.05 trillion by 2022. In 2018, the global prescription drug revenue is estimated to reach USD 811 billion. The total revenue generated by top 20 products was USD 135 billion and account for a total of 16.65% of global prescription drug market in 2017. The top 20 drugs are manufactured by 15 companies.


The hidden side of clinical trials.

  • 03 Apr 18

Síle Lane is director of campaigns and policy at Sense about Science, a charity concerned with the use and abuse of scientific evidence in public life. Síle helps run the global AllTrials campaign for clinical trial transparency which is supported by thousands of people and organisations worldwide. Clinical Research Association of Turkey endorses AllTrials campaign..


FDA has released the Drugs@FDA Express..

  • 23 Mar 18

FDA has released the Drugs@FDA Express, a mobile application (app) for use on Android and Apple iOS mobile devices. The Drugs@FDA Express app provides convenient access to information about FDA approved drug products and recent drug approvals.


Clinical trials in Turkey..

  • 17 Mar 18

You can have a general view of the ongoing and all industry-sponsored clinical trials in Turkey..


Do they share clinical trial results?

  • 15 Mar 18

The FDAAA TrialsTracker, identifies every individual clinical trial that fails to report its results, live online. Now everyone can see the individual institutes, companies and researchers responsible for unreported trials, the very day they go overdue.


Stephen Hawking died

  • 14 Mar 18

Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking died on Tuesday, March 14 at the age of 76.


International Women's Day (IWD2018 March 8)

  • 07 Mar 18

Turkish Clinical Research Association celebrates International Women's Day..


Proteus Effect..

  • 25 Feb 18

The positive treatment effects in early clinical trials for chronic diseases decreases in subsequent trials: Proteus effect..


Importance of postmarketing surveillance for safety..

  • 04 Feb 18

According to a study published in JAMA, among the 222 novel drugs approved by FDA between 2001-2010 and followed to 2017, 71 (32%) of them had new safety issues. Biologics, psychiatric therapeutics, and accelerated and near–regulatory deadline approval had the largest number of new safety warnings.


Payment and Reimbursement to Research Subjects - FDA Information Sheet

  • 02 Feb 18

FDA published an information sheet for Payment and Reimbursement to Research Subjects.