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Artificial Intelligence created a powerful antibiotic...

  • 25 Feb 20

According to the news in Nature and an article in Cell, this is the first hashtag#antibiotic developed by artificial intelligence from scratch..

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Thank you..

  • 14 Feb 20

The first virtual medial congress; 4th National Clinical Research Congress is finalized with 715 registered participants and 172 online live questions (excluding good wish messages). Several panels are organized with simultaneous connections to speakers in Turkey and abroad at the same time.

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Underreporting of Clinical trials..

  • 29 Jan 20

A 2007 regulation in the USA tells that all sponsors has to publish the results of finished clinical trials in one year. But the reality is quite different. Two articles published in Lancet and Science tells the story.

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Program and details of the 4. Clinical Research Congress..

  • 24 Jan 20

4th. Turkish Virtual Clinical Research Congress program and related information is attached.

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Increasing author numbers..

  • 05 Jan 20

According to an article in NATURE, the number of authors in scientific journals is increasing rapidly. Between 2009 and 2013, 573 manuscripts listing 1,000 co-authors or more were published and this figure has risen to 1,315 papers over the past 5 years.

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Merry Xmas..

  • 25 Dec 19

Turkish Clinical Research Association wishes a Merry Xmas and a happy and healthy 2020.

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EXCEL Disaster..

  • 12 Dec 19

The Newsnight program on BBC about the EXCEL trial published in New England Journal of Medicine and formed a basis for major guidelines showed that some results in the EXCEL trial appear to have been concealed and the medical society was misled.

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4th National Clinical Research Congress: The first full time virtual medical congress in Turkey..

  • 06 Dec 19

The web portal of the Congress is on You can find the details, register and send your posters from here.

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